• Design &

    Our team provides extensive experience working with architects, contractors, and owners helping them with design and specification needs. We will help you make educated decisions about which products will best suit your building regarding the design, cost and the life of the building.

  • Budget &

    We excel in developing early cost estimates during preconstruction and providing detailed budgets from your developed documents. We help owners, architects, and contractors choose the best products for their building and create solid budgets preventing value engineering and costly changes later in the project.

  • Life Cycle

    We believe in educating our customers about what product choices can do for them on a life cycle cost basis. Making decisions with life cycle in mind can keep the project on budget and save maintenance costs in the future.

  • Code Compliance

    We consult on compliance codes whether you are upgrading to a newer version of the IBC or renovating. We will ensure these changes will not affect the egress plans or rating of door openings. We also offer full assembly inspection of the door, frame, and hardware to ensure fire code compliance.

  • Pre-Installation
    & Installation

    The Door Frame and Hardware company has professional installers that are capable of installing doors and hardware for any of your projects either big or small.

  • Security Access

    We offer a complete division 08 and division 28 package, by packing these trades, we can ensure electronic and access control works as intended without the need of coordination between the contractor and other trades, saving both time and money.

  • Specialty Doors

    Our team packages the supply and installation of overhead, automatic operated, and sliding doors. This both saves the contractor coordination time and saves owner money as issues are discovered during the submittal process and can be corrected before field installation.

  • Field fire door labeling
    of doors & frames

    We rectify doors and frames in the field, which saves you time from waiting for a new product to be in compliance when the product does not necessarily need to be replaced however the label became un-legible, painted or lost.

  • In-house Woodshop

    Our in-house woodshop has 1000 doors in stock that our team can prep; allowing us to get doors to your job site in two weeks instead of the factory lead time of 6-8 weeks.